Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bullying - PLEASE READ

I found this journal from someone I'm watching on my dA account and they asked me and other who read it to pass it along and try and get it out there. These are not my words, although I support them, but specifically belong to algenpfleger from dA.

this journal is a bit serious, but it's something that is important to me, so please read it.

As someone who's had trouble with bullying himself, I'd like to see this shared especially amongst us here on dA. We all know we artists, writers, or just kids who are into "this kind of stuff" are an unstable lot.

From my own experience I know that growing up can be tough, and how vulnerable you are during those years. I'd just like everyone who's reading this to know, if you're having trouble in school, if you're being bullied for being "different", if you don't quite think there's a "place" for you in the world, if you think you don't look like you should look or don't are what you should be, if you're anxious about your future, if you think you're unwanted or if you think there's no hope - it gets better. It really does. You're not alone, you can talk to teachers, parents, your representative, I'd even say any grown up. It is important that you don't give up yourself because it's not you who is at fault for being picked on, and there's always hope. Just be strong and don't give up and I promise you it will get better.

Bullying is something we all can do something about by being nice to each other, by speaking up when we see it happen, and by treating everyone with compassion. We're all human and there's nothing that makes anybody worth more or less than anyone else.

Let me just say, and this is something not even my parents know, that I was at a point in my life so tired of everything and so hopeless that I was seriously thinking "So what if I just went right now?" I know people who were even closer to the edge. Nowadays, all I can think is I'm so glad that I kept going. If you're having thoughts like that, PLEASE don't let them get you down. There is always hope, and it WILL get better.

So please share this:

I know that especially in the artist community there are lots of people just like me, that really had problems, and that went through it and are now stronger because of it. If you read this and are somebody that lots of people here look to, please help share this message through journals, tweets, and any other way. The way to end problems like bullying is to make people aware of it and to let people who feel weak know they are not alone. Thanks <3

And if you are troubled, you can talk to me or your teachers, and you can also get help on the homepage of the project linked above. There are people who went through the same thing and will understand.

Thanks for reading, and let's all be nice to each other.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to pass it on, by tweeting it, posting it in your journals/blogs, etc.

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